Policies And Ethics

The review policies of the Journal are based on Russian and international principles of scientific periodical publications.

  • All scientific articles should represent original researches.
  • The data used as quotations are supposed to have correct references. Plagiarism and falsification of research results are forbidden.
  • The authors are responsible for collection and reliability of the given facts, economical and statistical data, quotations, proper nouns, toponyms and other information. If authors use classified data in their manuscripts, the Journal is not responsible for their release.
  • The Editorial Board accepts only new material that has never been published.
  • While reviewing the material submitted, the Editorial Board takes the responsibility of resolving the conflict of interests between the parties.
  • The decision whether to accept an article is only based on scientific importance of the article submitted and its relevance to the scientific branches of the Journal.
  • The material accepted by the Editorial Board is revised as confidential data not being used in private interests and transferred to third parties.