For Authors

  • Manuscripts are subject to peer review.
  • The Editorial Board of the Journal reserves the right to reject articles that are not prepared in accordance with the rules, as well as those that have not been reviewed.
  • Published materials may not reflect the views of the editorial board.
  • The publication of articles is free of charge.

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to cooperate with the interdisciplinary scientific and practical journal “Life of the Earth” and we will be glad to see your participation in the journal as authors.

Rules for the design of articles

When preparing articles, it is recommended to use the articles published in the Journal as samples for design, which can be found on the website of the journal (section “Releases”).

The volume of the manuscript

The volume of the manuscript of the article should not exceed 40 thousand characters, including spaces).

Materials typed in 1.5 spacing 14-point font.

Structure of the article

  • title (without abbreviations, no more than 15 words);

  • initials and surnames of the authors;

  • full name, place of work of each author with an email address;

  • abstract (150-300 words);

  • keywords (10-12 words);

  • the text of the article (with figures and tables) is short and clear without general reasoning and known truths; duplication of material in the text, tables and captions is not recommended; uniformity should be observed in writing terms, names of physical quantities, units of measurement, abbreviations, symbols and symbols;

  • the list of references (up to 18 sources);

  • drawings are separate files in formats .jpg or .tiff (no more than eight in total).

Tables and figures

When forming tables and figures, it is necessary to take into account the maximum dimensions of the field of the magazine sheet: width – 130 mm, height – 200 mm. The figures allow a minimum number of symbols – short numeric (in the order of numbers from left to right or clockwise) or alphabetic designations in Russian. Explanations to the figures are placed in the captions with the initial designations "Fig. N.", where N is the ordinal number in the course of mention in the text. If there are several different graphs in one figure, each of them is indicated by Cyrillic letters a), b), c), etc. and it is deciphered in the caption; a detailed explanation of the figure is included in the text of the article.


Autocitation –
no more than 20%!

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