Zhizn Zemli [Life of the Earth] 45, no 3

Galushkin, Yu.I.

Formation of the sedimentary cover of the South Kara basin

Chuparin. V.N., Lazarenko, S.A., Ogonyan, A.A.

Geological structure and oil and gas potential of the Kirenga area

Trofimov, I.A., Trofimova, L.S., Yakovleva, E.P., Rybalsky, N.G., Muravyeva, E.V., Snakin, V.V., Yemelyanov, A.V., Skripnikova, E.V.

Usage and preservation of land and soil fertility is a matter of state (to the 75th anniversary of the State plan for nature transformation)

Vodyanov, K.Yu., Boriskin, D.A., Sulin, V.Yu., Tolkacheva, S.P., Sobolev, S.L.

“Youth on guard of nature”: a unique exhibition in the Voronezh regional local history museum

Ivanov, A.V., Smurov, A.V., Snakin, V.V., Leontovich, A.V., Kolotilova, N.N., Malyoina, S.Yu., Gabdulin, R.R.

Museum exhibition “Living matter in the geospheres” to the 160th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Vernadsky

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Zhizn Zemli [Life of the Earth] 45, no 3
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