Review Process

The review period should take about



since the date of presentation to the reviewer, and may be extended upon the request of the author

The final part of the review should contain substantiated conclusions on the manuscript in general, as well as one of the following decisions:

  1. to recommend the manuscript for publication in the Journal;
  2. to recommend the manuscript for publication in the Journal after technical editing without subsequent review;
  3. to recommend the manuscript for another review by the same expert after the author corrects the faults noted in the reviewer’s comments;
  4. to recommend rejection of publication of the manuscript in the Journal.

Principles and Terms of Reviewing

The manuscripts submitted to the Journal Editorial Board should be structured according to the General rules of submission, reviewing and publication of scientific articles given at the official website of the Journal and on the last pages of the printed copies of the Journal.

All articles submitted to the Journal shall be subjected to a blind review. The Editorial Board shall determine scientific novelty and importance of the manuscript, reliability of the results obtained, contents and style of the manuscript, interrelation between the name and annotation of the manuscript and its contents, reference table (in particular, the Editorial Board should determine whether there is any published work that were not mentioned in the manuscript but should have been referred to).

The articles are edited by both the Journal Editorial Board and by invited reviewers (including international ones) who are leading specialists in the fields concerned.

Correction of the Article

The article requiring corrections shall be sent to the author together with the corresponding comments of the reviewers. The comments of the reviewers include corrections and questions to the author, who, in his turn, has to accept or reject them providing substantial arguments. The author is obliged to make corrections and return the revised version of the manuscript to the Editorial Board (via e-mail) no later than within 2 months from the date of receipt. If the author does not agree with the reviewer’s opinion, (s)he shall contact the Editorial Board in order that they could reject publication of the manuscript in the Journal. If the article is not returned within the time limit of 3 month since the date of receipt, the manuscript will be taken out of the list of articles recommended for publication.

In such cases, the author is informed that his/her work was rejected due to past due date. If the author and editors have irreconcilable differences, the Editorial Board should send the manuscript for an additional review. Should a conflict of interest arise, it is the editor-in-chief who has the right to resolve the conflict, taking into consideration the opinion of the Editorial Board. The decision to reject the manuscript is made according to expert recommendations during the session of the Editorial Board.

The articles rejected by the Editorial Board cannot be reaccepted. If the article is turned down, the author is informed via email. The fact that the article review is positive does not mean that the article will certainly be published. The final decision on publishing the article shall be made by the Editorial Board. In a conflict situation the decision shall be taken by the Editor-in-Chief. Original copies of reviews and manuscripts shall be kept in the Editorial Office during three years from the moment of receipt.